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Now days we never leave without shoes. It completes our personality. We are always aware about footwear and it is good to adequate size and comfortable materials. Some people have shoe bite with a new pair every time.

Shoes do not only protect our feet. We are wearing shoes because shoes give us final touch our style those who are created. Nobody knows about the existing history of shoes. Many types of shoes are in fashion. These shoes are made up with different materials, size, and functions. Day by day shoes has been improving and becoming more useful. With new technology, today’s footwear is so fancy, comfortable, for every age and gender.

Types of Shoes

There are many types of shoes. Some shoes are just fashioned accessory and others help us at different tasks like running, dancing and many other sports. Almost every single sport has a special kind of shoe. For example, cleats are used for soccer while skates are for use in skating. Dancing has several types of footwear. One of them is the Pointed shoe which was made so a dancer can stand on the tips of his or her toes. There are also many varieties of fashion shoes. The most common ones are heels which are worn for special occasions. Another type is known as a flat those used for daily life. Each type of shoe is made for a special purpose. Some are made just as a fashion item and others are made to help humans at different tasks.

How Many Parts of Shoes

Footwear has many parts. These parts make the shoe fit comfortably on our foot. The bottom of the shoe is called a sole and the inside is called an insole. We choice different type of shoes according to our need. Some people preferred flat, heeled, fancy etc.

Life Journey with shoes

During our first steps, we have shoes. All parents holding hands to their kids in preparing the first stage of independence. What a great moment it must have been for all of us. As they released children little fingers, it was then that shoes kept me balanced. Sure there were trips and falls along the way, but with shoe children quickly began to walk. We are doing skipping, jumping, and running with the help of a good pair of shoes.

Walk In My Shoes   

My shoes have played a very important role in my life. They have witnessed all the good and bad times in my life, and they will be there to witness many more. Through every situation, they have offered their support and listening ear without judgment or blame. I think my shoes would have a great story to tell if they could talk. We can’t leave without shoes. They protect us from cold, warm and rain. Shoes help us to save our feet from any dangers. Everyone has a huge collection of shoes for every occasion, season.


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